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Max Planck Campus Tübingen

Scientists at the Max Planck Campus in Tübingen are studying elementary biological processes ranging from the function of individual proteins to the evolution of species diversity, as well as the function of the human brain. In total, about 700 people from over 45 different countries work at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, the Opens external link in current windowMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory. The Max Planck Guesthouse is the social centre of the Campus: it contains a cafeteria, library, lecture hall and accommodation. The Planckton nursery provides full-time daycare for babies and toddlers.

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Tag der offenen Tür am Max-Planck-Campus Tübingen

Die drei Tübinger Max-Planck-Institute luden zum Tag der offenen Tür, was bei Besuchern wie Mitarbeitern auf positive Resonanz stieß

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In the “1001 Genome Project”, genome sequences of over 1000  Arabidopsis-specimen have been analyzed. Jörg Abendroth/ Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
Thale cress (Arabidopsis thaliana) is one of the favorite research objects in plant biology. Jörg Abendroth/ Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology

International research consortium publishes data on the genomic diversity from over 1000 plants

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Versuchsperson im Experiment

Forscher finden Mechanismus für die Verarbeitung multisensorischer Reize

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