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We are committed to fostering the development of young scientists at the Max Planck Campus Tübingen. Our international, first-class PhD programs aim to train and nurture the next generation of research leaders. The programs provide you with the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of your field and are an excellent platform for a successful career in science.

PhD students

Here at the Max Planck Campus Tübingen, we have a wealth of experience in mentoring and training doctoral students. We work closely with the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, the official academic institution that awards the doctorate.

Around 200 international doctoral students have direct access to a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment as well as excellent scientific facilities.

All of our doctoral students take part in one of our doctoral programs:


Training and development opportunities

We offer a comprehensive training and development program to help our PhD students pursue their research, communicate their results effectively and complete their doctorate on time. Alongside numerous core activities, PhD students can also benefit from many advanced development opportunities.

MPI for Biological Cybernetics:

MPI for Biology and Friedrich Miescher Laboratory:

Student research assistants and volunteers

Numerous student research assistants support the scientists on campus and by doing so can gain an insight into both the everyday life of a researcher and current scientific topics. The institutes are interdisciplinary centres of research and therefore offer a variety of opportunities in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics or psychology to choose from.
The MPI for Biological Cybernetics is also always looking for volunteers to participate in scientific experiments on human perception.
You can find job advertisements and further information in Jobs & Careers.
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School pupils and teachers

The Max Planck Society regularly publishes teaching material for schools on current research topics. However, this material is only available in German. Go to MAX WISSEN...

Are you interested in neurosciences? Have you ever wondered how the brain works or want to study electric fish? Then contact the Schülerlabor Neurowissenschaften in Tübingen.

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