Title: Dr. Bigna Lenggenhager
Start date: Jan 27 2017
Start time: 11:15 am
End time: 12:15 pm
Organizer: Betty Mohler Tesch
Location: Max Planck House Lecture Hall

It is now widely thought that the ever-continuous representation and regulation of bodily signals provide the foundations for the experience of the self. I will present recent empirical research that uses multisensory stimulation paradigms and virtual reality devices to show that the bodily self is much more plastic than often assumed. These data in healthy participants will be complemented with data from neurological and psychiatric patients with a permanently disturbed bodily self. A special focus will be put on otherwise healthy people who feel like being trapped in a wrong body, thus people suffering from a Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Alterations in the bodily self are accompanied with physiological changes as well as with emotional, cognitive and social processes. The talk will thus present the sense of a bodily self at the intersection between the private inner space and the shared social space.