Title: Makoto Miyakosh, Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
Start date: Jul 17 2017
Start time: 03:00 pm
End time: 04:00 pm
Organizer: Lewis Chuang
Location: Max Planck Lecture Hall, Max Planck House

I will talk about future of EEG research and explain Makoto's pessimism about very low true degrees of freedom in scalp-recorded EEG data. Then I will talk about the present of EEG research and evaluate it as adolesc-i-ence and explain the reasons. Finally, I will talk about the past of EEG, evaluate the traditional Popperian framework of scientific experiments as a one-bit information generator, and criticize this attitude in the traditional EEG research as evolutionary cul-de-sac. I will advocate necessity of proper engineering in EEG signal processing, and will introduce independent component analysis (ICA) as a good approach and will explain the reasons. I will discuss emerging needs for non-Popperian framework to highlight and justify novel science in data mining.

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Host: Lewis Chuang