Title: Ole Jensen, University of Birmingham
Start date: Jan 26 2018
Start time: 11:15 am
End time: 12:15 pm
Location: Max Planck House Lecture Hall

Networks in the brain must rely on powerful mechanism for routing, maintaining and prioritizing information processing. From a larger set of attention and memory studies we now have evidence for the notion that alpha oscillations (9 – 12 Hz) are inhibitory and serve to route information: ‘gating by inhibition’.  The alpha band activity is under top-down control by areas in the dorsal attention network. As such the alpha oscillations – previously believed to reflect a state of rest – serve an important role for shaping the functional architecture of the working brain. Gamma band activity (50 – 100 Hz) reflects feed-forward processing is coupled to the phase of the alpha oscillations. Importantly, new findings suggest that representations activate in a phase specific manner along the alpha cycle. Our empirical framework has been developed using MEG, DTI/MEG, TMS/MEG, fMRI/EEG and non-human primate data.

Host: Daniel Zaldivar