Title: Prof. Rainer Spanagel
Start date: Oct 15 2018
Start time: 06:15 pm
End time: 07:15 pm
Organizer: PD Dr. Goran Angelovski
Location: Max Planck House Lecture Hall

Prof. Rainer Spanagel
Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Scientific Director of the Institute of Psychopharmacology
Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI)
University of Heidelberg
J 5
68159 Mannheim

Title: Animal Models for Psychiatric Research


In recent years, animal models in psychiatric research have been criticized for their limited translational value to the clinical situation. Failures in clinical trials have thus often been attributed to the lack of predictive power of preclinical animal models. Here, I argue that animal models based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders are crucial and informative tools for the identification of pathological mechanisms, target identification, and drug development.

Host: PD Dr. Dr. Hamid R. Noori