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04.10.2017 // "Türen auf für die Maus"!

Am gestrigen Tag der Deutschen Einheit hieß es am Max-Planck-Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie "Türen auf für die Maus"!

21.08.2017 // Neglected diseases: Dogs are a possible source of for zoonotic strongyloidiasis

People and their dogs - a relationship with side effects

20.07.2017 // Precision breeding needed to adapt corn to climate change, ancient samples show

It took 2000 years to successfully grow maize in northern climates, according to new findings in Science. We don’t have that long to adapt today’s crops to climate change.

21.07.2017 // Health Day 2017 on the Max Planck Campus

Muscle ache?

20.07.2017 // Dissertation award from the Reinhold-und-Maria-Teufel-Foundation goes to Danelle Seymour (copy 1)

Former Max Planck PhD student honored for her PhD thesis in genetics and genomics of plants

26.06.2017 // Prestigious Otto Hahn Medal for young scientist

Manuela Kieninger is awarded the Otto Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society

19.06.2017 // Wei Ding awarded Best Bioinformatics e-Poster Prize

PhD student receives prize for presentation of interactive computer program analyzing bacterial genomes

Displaying results 8 to 14 out of 141