Life in Tübingen

The Federal Government and the German federal states have agreed on a tightening of the restriction of social contacts, effective March 22, 2020:  

  • Use of public spaces is only permitted alone, with one other person not living in the same household, or with members of one's own household.Citizens are urged to reduce contacts with people outside their own households to an absolute minimum.
  • In public, wherever possible, a minimum distance of two metres must be maintained between two people.
  • The commute to work, emergency care, grocery shopping, visits to the doctor, and participation in meetings, necessary appointments, and examinations are still permitted, as are going out to help others, doing exercise alone in the outdoors, and other necessary activities.
  • Group gatherings in public places and in private homes and facilities are unacceptable in view of the serious situation Germany is facing. Violations of social distancing measures will be monitored and sanctioned by the authorities and the police.
  • Catering establishments will be closed. This does not include the delivery and collection of take-away food for consumption at home.
  • Personal hygiene service providers such as hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours, tattoo studios and similar establishments will be to avoid physical proximity. Medically necessary treatments remain possible.
  • In all establishments and especially those open to the public, it is important to comply with hygiene regulations and implement effective protective measures for employees and visitors.

These measures must be applied for at least two weeks.


If you think you might have COVID-19:

  • Please visit our special web information about emergency hotlines here.
  • If you think you have COVID-19 and have a GP, ring your GP to discuss what you should do.
  • If you think you have COVID-19 and do not have a GP, ring the citizens’ hotline at 07071/207-3600 to discuss your symptoms.
  • Either your GP or the citizens’ hotline will say whether you should stay at home and observe your symptoms or take further steps. 


Don’t forget:

  • The Tübingen city administration has set up a telephone number where anyone who needs help or wants to offer help in the Corona crisis can get in touch. The new Corona telephone is manned every Monday to Friday from 9 AM to noon and from 1 PM to 4 PM. The telephone number is 0 70 71 / 204-10 10 and the new help service can also be contacted by e-mail (corona.soziales(at)


Bureaucracy in the City of Tübingen

Bürgeramt (Cititzens’ Office)

  • Currently the Bürgeramt in Tübingen is shut (at least until 19 April 2020). Even so, the colleagues in the city administration are still working.This means if you have moved in the past few days or will be moving, you are still required to register or change your address with the city.
  • The appropriate forms must be completed and submitted with a copy of your passport and, if applicable, your residency permit/visa.
  • You can submit the documents either via email to Buergeramt(at), by sending them via post to: Universitätsstadt Tübingen, Bürgerbüro Stadtmitte, Schmiedtorstraße 4, 72070 Tübingen or by placing them in the Bürgeramt’s postbox.
  • For other services, contact the city at Buergeramt(at) to see how you can take care of other city services you require.


Ausländeramt (Foreigners’ Office) for the City of Tübingen

  • The Ausländeramt is also currently shut until further notice. The colleagues at the Ausländeramt will continue to work and can be reached via email or telephone.
  • Though the office is shut, you must still make sure to take care of your application for your residency permit or extension on time!
  • Anyone in need of an extension should send the Ausländeramt an email at auslaenderamt(at) They will send you a copy of the application form to complete and also inform you of what documents you will need to submit. These documents should be sent as digital copies via email or via post to Ausländeramt, Bürgerbüro Stadtmitte, Schmiedtorstraße 4, 72070 Tübingen.
  • The Ausländeramt will then preliminarily check your application and enter all the necessary details. If needed, they can send you to prove your continued employability or, in cases where you need to travel, a Fiktionsbescheinigung to allow you to cross most borders and return.
  • Currently, the Ausländeramt is not able to issue residency permits due to the restrictions as they are unable to collect signatures and fingerprints for applicants. Once they are able to re-open to the public, this step will also need to take place.

Corona regulation of the state government (PDF)