About 700 staff members as well as guest scientists and students are currently working at the Max Planck Campus. The scientist are researching in the fields of developmental biology of animals and plants, as well as in the cognition and processing of the brain. The scientists are supported by the administration, the infrastructure facilities and the workshops.

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

The Max Planck Institute Biological Cybernetics offers a variety of jobs, such as PostDoc and PhD positions, diploma and students positions, research assistants and also positions as participants for experiments.

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Max Planck Institute for Biology

The Max Planck Institute for Biology offers a varity of jobs, such as Ph.D. positions, diploma and students positions and also positions such as bioinformatician, lab assistant or administration staff.

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Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

More information about this topic can be found on our website:

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PhD Students in the Lab

Ph.D. thesis

You will find the offers for a Ph.D. thesis along with the other job offers (see above). The Max Planck Institutes encourage unsolicited applications from students, graduate students, and postdocs interested in particular areas of research performed in the institute. These applicants should contact the respective director/group leader directly.
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Student helpers and Trainees

Both Max Planck Institutes offer students from different scientific study areas the opportunity to assist in various research projects. You will find offers for student helpers along with the regular job offers. In addition, applicants may contact the director or group leader responsible for a project they are interested in directly.

Working in the Lab
Student conducting an Experiment

Participants in Scientific Experiments

The MPI for Biological Cybernetics is regularly looking for participants in scientific experiments on different aspects of cognition and perception. The participation will be financially compensated. 

Work shop of the Max Planck Institutes in Tübingen


About ten apprentices are starting their apprenticeship at the Max Planck Institutes every year. We offer apprenticeships as electricians, electronic technicians, fine mechanics and clerks. You will find apprenticeship offers along with the other job offers.

Working for the Max Planck Society

General information for employees about issues such as equal opportunities, junior scientists, guest scientists, apprenticeships, childcare and the Ombudssystem you will find on the website of the Max Planck Society.
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General Administration of the Max Planck Society
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Information for foreign scientists

The webpages of the Max Planck Society Career – 60 questions and answers for scientists and the brochure "Living and working in Germany – A guide for international scientists at Max Planck Institutes" inform you about paper work necessary to enable you to stay in Germany. More general information about life in Germany is available on the Internet website of the EU Section of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation - Mobility Centre for Germany.