Title: Online Careers Seminar: Careers in Research
Start date: November 26
Start time: 01:30 pm
End time: 02:30 pm
Organizer: Sibylle Patheiger
Location: Online


Davide will give you an insight into “Starting a Career in Project Management - a Story of Chance and Necessity and Passion”

Davide studied Plant Biotechnology in Padua (Italy) and did his PhD in Molecular Genetics at the University of Freiburg (Germany). 

He moved on to work as postdoc/laboratory manager at the Emory and Iowa State Universities /US before he joined the Helmholtz Institute for Infection Research in Braunschweig as executive officer and coordinator. Since November 2019 he is working as Laboratory and Project Manager at the Institute for Experimental Virology (TWINCORE), Hannover.

Davide will be available for one-on-one sessionsHis presentation will be followed by an interactive Q&A-session.

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