Federal relaxation measures from May 11

Status: May 9, 2020

With its decision of 9 May 2020, the state government of Baden-Württemberg has now announced a package of measures that will gradually pave the way back to normality. All of us share the responsibility of ensuring that the spread of infection is kept under control. If regional rates of infection start rising once again, local and state governments will be required to reactivate restrictions on public life. The new regulations will apply from Monday, May 11, 2020.

Step 1 (light green)
May 11

  • Sports in the open air and without physical contact
    This includes:

    • Open-air sports facilities such as golf courses or tennis courts, riding facilities and dog training schools may reopen.

    • Outdoor sports are also permitted again with animals such as dogs or horses

    • Teams ((only applies to professional athletes) can only train individually or in small groups, but direct physical contact remains prohibited. Hygiene regulations must still be observed: Athletes must change at home, changing rooms and communal showers are to be kept closed.

  • Driving schools, marinas and air sport, music schools may restart with restrictions,
    tanning salons, massage, cosmetic and nail studios may reopen. In the leisure sector, casinos without catering facilities may resume operations. The ban on visiting hospitals is relaxed. Members of two households may meet outdoors.

Step 2 (green)
May 18

  • Reopening of the outdoor gastronomy
  • Also holiday flats and camping sites should then be available again to a limited extent.
  • Primary and secondary schools to be progressively opened, where appropriate
  • Child care; max. 50% occupancy
  • 4th grade of primary schools

Step 3 (yellow)
Before Whitsun (May 31)

  • Childcare should then be gradually opened up where appropriate.

Step 4 (orange)
After Whitsun (May 29/31)

  • Hotels for tourist visits will be ropened on 29 May. However, with restricted opening hours, hygiene concepts and a limit on the number of guests.
  • Amusement parks, fitness studios, dance schools, climbing gyms or indoor sports halls will reopen from 31 May.
  • Swimming pools will be reopened for courses and lessons only.
  • Relaxations are also planned for river and Lake Constance shipping.

June 18

After the Pentecost holidays in mid-June, all pupils in Baden-Württemberg are to go back to school at least temporarily, and normal operation will only be possible again when distance rules no longer have to be observed. It is not yet possible to say when that will be.

  • Reopening of Primary schools
    (alternating weeks 1st/3rd and 2nd/4th grades)
  • Reopening of Secondary schools
    (alternating weeks 5th/6th, 7th/8th and 9th/10th grades)

Step 5 (red)
Currently unclear

  • Major events
  • Pubs and bars
  • Sports events
  • Theaters, concerts, ballett, opera, cinema, music festivals
  • Open-air swimming pools, lakes, football fields and team sports
  • Prostitution business